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HotKey Manager 1.0

Allows you to control most of the tasks with hotkey combinations
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HotKey Manager is a powerful tool that can help you completely automate your work, allowing you to control most of the tasks with a single keystroke. You may know about the default Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X shortcuts for cutting and copying any file or text. Imagine all of your computer tasks being controlled with hotkeys of such kind. For example, you can control the master volume with the up and down arrow keys, you can use a single button like “M” to access any folder or drive, etc.

But the program has some limitations. It can launch any application, minimize or maximize any window, control your audio CD and control the power functions of your PC. But you cannot make it do anything it does not offer. For example, you cannot create hotkeys to kill a non-responding program or access other system actions. However, the functions supported by the program are usually enough for mundane office work - the program undoubtedly speeds up such work and saves one's priceless time. You can take a look at the screen shots if you're interested in what actions the program actually supports.

jasminder singh
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